Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Recap

Sorry I've been away for a few days.  We took an unplanned "vacation" for spring break where we took the kids on a series of day trips.  Here's a recap:

Day One - Hunting Ghosts!
We spent the first day in San Antonio and the main event was a Ghost Tour.  This was an evening tour where we walked around to some historical sights and heard ghostly stories.  It was fun, interesting, and most of all the kids dug it!  They gave us "ghost detecting tools" to carry around with us to measure the change in temperatures around you.  We didn't encounter any ghostly beings (which was a big disappointment to the kids), but we did learn a bit about San Antonio history and it was a beautiful night to be able to walk around the downtown area.  I didn't see anything suspicious in my photos, but I did get a good picture of the Alamo! ;)

Day Two - Ice Cream?
Our second adventure was to tour the Blue Bell ice cream factory in Brenham, TX.  During spring break they offer more tours than normal, starting every 10 minutes from 8am to 3pm.   

It took us 2 hours to get there and we were so excited to tour the factory and get a free scoop of ice cream!  When we finally pulled up to the building we couldn't believe what we saw.

I had NO idea there would be so many people there.  Seriously, a tour every 10 minutes for 7 hours and they're full by NOON???  I couldn't believe it!  Luckily, we still got to enjoy a scoop of ice cream for $1 and browse through their gift shop.  Oh well...

Since we were already there, we tried to find something else we could do nearby.  We settled on the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, TX.  I have never been to a Presidential Library before, so this was a first for me and the kids.  Matt has been to the Ronald Reagan Library and he was excited to check this one out.  

Afterward, we stopped in College Station for a burger and fries and the Koppe Bridge Bar and Grill

Day Three - Enchanted Rock?

I'm sensing a theme here...yes, ANOTHER 2 hour drive to find that the park is at capacity and has closed.  Plan B was a walk around Fredericksburg, TX and a visit to the butterfly house at Wildseed Farms just outside of town.  The butterfly house was totally cool!  They gave us "nectar sticks" that we could use to pick up the butterflies.  This one was my favorite - I think it's called a Mexican Paintbrush, it's fairly rare for this region and there were only two of these in the butterfly house so we were happy to catch him for a few seconds!

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