Sunday, March 7, 2010

Golden Saturday

Saturday started slow, but quickly shaped up to be pretty productive.  I woke up and made a kind of nasty looking, but very tasty, greenish-brown monster!

Peach/Mango Vita Coco, chia seeds,  banana, frozen cherries, asparagus, and spinach.

I'm finally ready to unveil a project that I started last week.  I grew my own sprouts!


By Saturday they were ready to eat, so I set them in the window for several hours to let them green up a bit.

I had never heard of this before reading this post by Today's Lady.  It sounded like an interesting project and something that would be fun to do with the kids.  We grew a mixture of mung bean, alfalfa, and red clover sprouts.  So, for lunch today we had sandwiches with sprouts.
I enjoyed it, but it's like pulling teeth to get the rest of the family interested in eating something "unfamiliar".  I doubt we'll do it again, but it was fun and if your family will eat sprouts I highly recommend growing your own.  It was really easy!

Remember these...?


After putting it off as long as possible, half of it is on the walls now!! :)  My goal for today is to finish the job.  I used the roller to get most of the walls done in color #1.  Next up will be rolling on color #2 and then I have to brush the edges to cut in around the trim, ceiling, and corners.  Just getting some paint on the walls was half the battle.  Now I'm motivated to get it finished because who wants to live with a half-painted room?  Hopefully I'll be able to show pictures tonight!

After I finished my Saturday painting, it was time to get ready for a party.  Our neighbors/friends were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary (the "Golden Anniversary")!  It was a fun night of eating, drinking, dancing, and laughter.  

They are a fun-loving couple with a great sense of humor (see his hand in the second picture!).  It was a joy to help them celebrate their 50 years together!

Sometimes you just need a big, greasy breakfast to get you going on the weekend.  We started off our Sunday with hash browns, spicy sausage, and over easy eggs.  I hope this will give me the energy I need to finish that big painting job!  :)  Stay tuned!

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