Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Can See (The Snow) Clearly Now...

It really wasn't a "Terrific Tuesday" today, but it wasn't a "Terrible Tuesday" either.  It was Wacky and Weird (too bad it wasn't a Wednesday!) because today we received several inches of snow in Austin.  A very rare occurrence for south Texas!

It melted pretty fast as it hit the ground, but it caused a lot of excitement as everyone in the office had to go outside to take pictures and throw a few snowballs. 


Poor Roger couldn't even see the snow through all that overgrown hair, so he had a date with the groomer.
Mutt Makeover - Before

Mutt Makeover - After

I have to facilitate a structured meeting at work next week.  I have been trained to be a facilitator, but haven't done it for about 5 years so I'm very rusty.  I've been putting off the planning and preparation because I'm not too thrilled about it, but today I scheduled a few meetings with people that forced me to start the prep work.  That's another little trick I use to motivate me to do things I don't like.  I hate letting people down, so making a commitment to someone else that is time-bound adds a sense of urgency. 

The only noteworthy food item I have for today is the dinner I threw together tonight.  I tend to buy a lot of vegetables only to let them rot in the refrigerator because I forget they are in there.  Tonight I tried to incorporate as many veggies as I could with the frozen chicken breast that I always have on hand.  The result?  Lime Chicken Soft Tacos!


Not bad at all!  I diced and sauteed chicken breast, red bell pepper, red onion, and a jalapeno in a little bit of coconut oil and spices (chili powder, cumin, salt, and Mexican oregano).  Toward the end I added the juice of a lime.  The lime and spices that were used in this dish masked the flavor of the coconut oil so it was virtually undetectable.  

To assemble the tacos I piled a whole wheat tortilla with some spinach leaves, the chicken mixture, cheddar cheese, and some avacado slices.  

Top that off with some coffee ice cream and I'm ready to call it a night! 

I'll leave you with the image of Roger doing his happy (break)dance on the kitchen floor!  He's so happy to be able to see again!

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