Saturday, February 27, 2010


We now have a new staple in our house and it's the Chia seed.  This little thing is a power house even though it's about the size of the seeds in a kiwi fruit.  I found a new blog a few weeks ago that I really love to read - it's called "Eat, Live, Run" - you really should check it out.  Anyway, I kept noticing that chia seeds were mentioned in a few of her posts (I think she normally puts them in her oatmeal) and wondered what in the heck they were.  See them below next to the penny as a size reference.

I did some research and learned that there's pretty much nothing bad about these tiny seeds that are considered a "Super Food".  I brought some home last night and we all tried them and decided we will incorporate chia seeds in our food.  Every so often throughout the evening my son would break into the chia song, "Ch-ch-ch-chia!" and Matt and I would just crack up!   

We woke up this morning and Matt and I were both craving eggs.  When I found out there were only two left, I let him have them and started digging in the fridge for my oatmeal.  Oh how disappointed I was when I realized I had eaten the last of it yesterday and didn't prepare a new batch last night.  I could have eaten rolled oats, but I'm telling you - they're like night and day, they don't even taste the same to me so I just didn't bother.  Instead, I fixed one of my multi grain bagels with almond butter and honey.


I took the kids with me to run some errands.  We had several places to go including buying a birthday present for Matt/Daddy.  Our first stop was the grocery store where we had fun picking out several exotic fruits to try. 


Here's our loot.  Watch tomorrow for our fruit tasting!


Our next stop was to get some supplies for a new project which will remain secret for a few days, but I'll give this picture below as a hint.

After our errands, we picked Matt up and went to our favorite local burger place.  


Everything there is fresh and made on site, they even form the patties and cut the fries behind a window for everyone to see.  It's so worth the thousand calories!!


This was a very late lunch, so it served as dinner too.  

I felt like I accomplished a lot today, but I didn't do everything I intended to do.  It was a jam packed day and a couple of the things that have been on my To Do list for a while now keep getting carried forward as time runs out.  I MUST get them done tomorrow!  I am making that commitment now "publicly" so it's harder to back out (forcing my motivation)...tomorrow I WILL run at least 4 miles and I WILL paint the game room!

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