Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Things Done!

Today was all about Getting Things Done!  It could have gone downhill from the get-go when I almost slept right through my alarm.

After getting the kids off to school, I threw together the Mediterranean Beef Stew that would be simmering away while I worked.  That took some extra time out of my normal routine, so I had to pack up my steel cut oatmeal (SCO), which I DID remember to cook last night, to eat at work.
SCO with pecans, 1/2 banana and honey.  This is my usual combination with one exception - I normally use maple syrup but since I had some honey at work I subbed that instead.  Maple syrup is still my fave, but the honey was really good too.  Seriously, nothing compares to SCO!  You must try it!

I am so happy that I got so many things checked off of my to do list.  Actually, I am thrilled that I even MADE a to do list today!  And let me tell you...I was cranking through them like nobody's business!  I think the key to my motivational success today, aside from the to do list, was that I scheduled time on my calendar to get these things done.  When the reminder popped up I just went into auto-pilot mode because, believe me, if given time to think I could have easily found something else to do that was more fun!  These were boring and mundane things but necessary - like scheduling doctor and dentist appointments for my kids, grooming appointment for the dog, ordering new contact lenses, and some work related stuff.

My oatmeal filled me up this morning, so I was still not extremely hungry by 12:45 but I ate anyway.  Since my afternoon was packed with meetings I knew this may be the only chance I would get.  On the menu for lunch were leftover meatballs from last night.  Still just as good the next day!

I did find time to get in an afternoon snack.  Unfortunately, that didn't do anything to stop the slight headache I had coming on.  By the time I left the office it was a full fledged headache so I took some ibuprofen and waited for it to kick in.  :(

When I got home, I could smell the aroma of dinner that had been slow cooking all day.  What a weird smell!  Not a good sign.  Also not a good sign was Matt's comment which was something like, "What IS it exactly that we're having for dinner?".  We both tried it and while it wasn't inedible, it's definitely not something I will make again.  I whipped up some hummus real fast to make up for the meat that no one (except for me) wanted to eat.
The meat itself really wasn't bad, I just couldn't take much of the sauce.  It had a LOT of cinnamon, some balsamic vinegar, honey, tomatoes and beef broth.  I think it was the overabundance of cinnamon that threw us all for a loop.  I wondered this morning as I dumped in 2 full teaspoons, but decided to stick to the recipe and hope for the best. Hmph!

Excuse the paper plate - given the dinner flop and the headache I was trying to fight off, I just didn't feel like creating more dirty dishes to deal with!

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